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Appliance Installs & Maintenance In Miami.

Now that you just got an appliance from the large chain appliance store and now they might be trying to tempt you on their unbelievably costly unit installation or repairs and maintenance product. Prior to deciding to sign on the dotted line.

Give Appliance Repair Miami a call at (305) 697-6155 since we are able to put in and also take care of almost any appliance, any make or types and we also cost significantly less.

Appliance Installation & Maintenance In Miami
We Show Up On Time

We’ll update you about your appliance repair appointment by email or phone–whichever you prefer. And we will call 30 mins before arrival.

Years Of Appliance Experience

We know all the major brand appliance inside and out. If you're having a problem with your appliance we've more than likely seen it before.

We Have Fully Stocked Trucks

Our trucks are fully stocked with the appliance replacement part that's needed to finish your repair on the first visit.

Top 3 Appliance Problems & How To Fix Them

Check washer water fill hoses for cracks, blisters, corroded fittings and leaks. Cracks are a sign of aging and a breakdown of the rubber. Blisters signal a rupture in the inner lining of the hose, which means the hose may burst at any time. Corroded fittings mean the hose has leaked or is leaking now. If you don't replace the hose, you may find the corroded fitting is virtually impossible to remove from the faucet. Replace the hoses if any of these conditions exist. (Washer water fill hoses generally need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years, regardless of whether there is a visible defect). For even more peace of mind, use stainless steel fill hoses.

Dryer line build up is the leading cause of dryer failures and it often cause drying times to increase dramatically. It is also responsible for thousands of house fires a year. Use a dryer to vent brush to remove lint build up in the bent that leads to the outside. We offer 10-ft. and 20-ft. dryer vent brushes, which work great for this messy task.

Clean your dishwasher spray arms. Over time, small holes in the spray arms may become clogged with bits of paper, toothpicks, glass, etc. Take a moment to clean out these holes to ensure you're getting the best cleaning ability. Clean your dishwasher filter. If the filter is damaged, replace it to protect the dishwasher's pump and motor seals.