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Freezer Repair In Miami.

Like most of the modern conveniences that make up our daily lives, a freezer is an appliance that we use and rely on every day, When we purchase bulk quantities of perishables, such as meat, ice cream and frozen vegetables, it is in the freezer where we store them. Nobody would want to eat a steak stored in a cupboard for three weeks.

That is why when your freezer stops functioning properly, it is important that you find a repair solution fast. The longer it takes to get repaired, the more that you stand to lose in terms of the potential spoilage of frozen food stored in you freezer. Fortunately, Appliance Repair Miami is just a phone call away at (305) 697-6155. Staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians, they will have your freezer up and running again before the first ice cube begins to melt.

How to Spot the Warning Signs of Potential Freezer Problems

Most freezer problems leave clear warning signs before the actual failure occurs. Being aware of these warning signs and calling Appliance Repair Miami when you first begin to notice the signs of trouble can help you prevent the need for more costly repairs down the road.

Freezer Repair In Miami
We Show Up On Time

We’ll update you about your freezer repair appointment by email or phone–whichever you prefer. And we will call 30 mins before arrival.

Years Of Appliance Experience

We know all the major brand freezer inside and out. If you're having a problem with your freezer we've more than likely seen it before.

We Have Fully Stocked Trucks

Our trucks are fully stocked with the freezer replacement part that's needed to finish your repair on the first visit.

Top 3 Freezer Problems & How To Fix Them

The electronic controls need to be replaced — but first check if the power light indicator and freezer light are working. If not, power might not be flowing to the product.

There could be a defrost issue if the back of the freezer, where the evaporator coil is located, is heavily frosted. Depending on the appliance, this may be caused by a defective defrost heater, bimetal, defrost sensor or control board.

Frost building up solely on the back of the freezer section, where the evaporator coil is located, indicates an issue with the defrost cycle. Depending on the appliance, this could be either a defective heater, bimetal, defrost sensor, defrost timer or control board. Further troubleshooting is needed to pinpoint what exactly is needed to resolve the issue.